Check out www.volleyballva.com for some very well run tournaments here in Tidewater and Richmond. All tournaments are $20 per player. Pool play is finished around noon because you only play each team one game to 21. Its rally scoring until you get to 20, then you have to earn the last one! EVERYBODY makes the playoffs and gets seeded according to record and points. I played several last summer and found it to be a very nice option. Volleyball Virginia is owned and operated by Chris McGarity and Chris Hairston. Believe it or not, they do a nice job and make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. Here’s an example. One tournament last summer it started raining about noon. They gave everyone who wanted to leave their money back and for those who stayed, Chris/Chris provided the balls so nobody had to worry about ruining their own. Is that cool or what?

-Stacey Holtz


I really wish you & Hairston the best of luck finally putting Va Beach vball back on the map…as a great place to play…and an atmosphere / setting that people want to play in!!

-Rick Watson


I’ll tell ya, Chris McGarity and Chris Hairston run a great show. What a huge difference from ***…I wish they had more tourneys……… Chris is very personal with everyone…it was just a fabulous change. Lines are already set up for you….they have the real score cards, so everyone can see them; you don’t have to p/u the lines etc… they do it all for you. You would love it. No drama, no *******, no playing ****** ball. Basically, a very pleasant atmosphere:-)

Oh yea, you’re right……….excellent prizes!!!!!! Like I said these were the best and most useful prizes. Wait, where’s my 411th towel???????? Oh, that’s right, I didn’t play ***………I played in a real tournament.

– Chana McComas


Also I thought I would give you some feedback on Volleyball Virginia’s tournament this week end. These guys have a new beach location right by a Hilton. Everything ran great. Chris McGarity did a great job of making everyone feel welcome. He even let by passers that wanted to play use an open court so they could have fun too. If they keep up what they did this weekend that’s going to be a big organization.

– Allen Foglesong


I’ve been telling everyone that I was impressed with your tournament! I had a great time other than the rain of course! I like the format and that you kept it moving. I’ll definitely be out there again – this was my first time back out on the beach since last fall and first time playing v-ball in general since the middle of spring season (rolled my ankle indoors -fractured my foot, etc.). I’m looking forward to some fun tournaments! See ya at the beach!

– Barbara Densley


Thanks for the great tournament in Nags Head this past weekend. Your V2 tournaments are first class and I will continue to play in them. We will also make sure we are telling people about the efficiency they are run with, the appropriate payouts, and the general atmosphere that make them better than most others. We do appreciate your time and effort in putting these events on, and also appreciate the choice your give the players in the region. Keep up the effort and we will keep coming to play.

– Richard Marple


I can’t speak for April, but I had a great time. As you know, I’m a big fan of the reverse coed format. I enjoyed the combination of pool play and double elimination. It gave April and I (who had never played together before & got bageled in pool play) a chance to play more and get some wins before getting bounced (we should’ve beat that **** Gene Wade!!). I thought the tournament was well organized and the atmosphere was laid back (no whining, no arguments about the rules & no drama), plus the play got better as the day wore on so it was worth sticking around to watch after we were done. Great job.

– Steve Mallari


Besides the torturous heat and humidity, I had a great time. I thought the tournament was well organized with plenty of play (even for us in the losers bracket). I hope to be able to play in some of your up-coming tournaments.

– April Parker


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for coming to Richmond this past weekend and volunteering your time to help facilitate the OPEN level for the Kill For A Cure benefit tournament at RVC. This was certainly our best year yet for attendance (and competition too) and it would not have run as smoothly as it did without your help with the pool design, score tracking, and the play-off structure. As usual you did a great job keeping everything moving along and everyone was able to finish up at a reasonable time. I have received a ton of positive feedback about this years event and I wanted to share one of the responses with you (see below). Thanks again for all of your help and in case you didn’t hear, this year we were able to raise over 10K for the American Cancer Society!

See you soon at your next V2 event!

– Joe


I can’t speak more highly of the tournament and the teams in the tournament. Chris you are a class act and the tournament was well run. Count the Dolphins in next year. thanks again and best of luck to you this season.

– Mike Boomer


Hey Chris, Jon Hanners here. Wanted to let you know that Catherine and I had a great time playing in the tournament the other month. Too bad she cramped otherwise we may have made it far enough to get mentioned in your always descriptive email. Jon “the old guy that played on the shoulders of his daughter Catherine” Hanners. I have been out of commission for a few weeks now for a repair of my torn rotator cuff. Lots of fun but I will be back next year with a vengeance (and older) I am attaching a couple photos you might like that I took. Have a great winter. Sounds like you have been doing great things. Congratulations on your success.

– Jon


…you are doing a great job running events at the beach. *** certainly has not been putting on the great events we used to have which is too bad. But, at least someone is stepping up and doing it the right way.

Best of luck and if you ever find yourself in Arizona, let me know.

– Mike Vanderslice


Outstanding job Chris! Just outstanding!

I’m moving to Honolulu and wish I could see the East Coast make it big. Thanks to you, we’re on our way. Please keep me in the loop as I love reading about the growth of your program!

– Carol Slusher


I look forward to meeting you finally after everything, you’ve personally won me over because you’ve handled everything very professionally. Thanks for your work and maybe I’ll pop into your office sometime this weekend to check it out.

– Tonya


These updates are great we were not familiar with the league previously.

Pam R. used to teach where Erin went to elementary school…what a great lady!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know how much Erin enjoys your beach volleyball camp she had a great week once again…loved the V2 tags.

She will be going to UNCW with the PA High team for camp this week.

She kicked butt at her swim meet this weekend, said she felt strong and thought it had something to do with all that running in the sand…… (:

Thank you again!

-Suzanne Hagelberger


Hey!! I just wanted to send you my e-mail address. 🙂 Your website looks great! Next summer I will have to play in one of your leagues instead of *** and whenever you have an indoor league, I will sign up for that too. 🙂

By the way, Greg thinks volleyballva is much better than ***.



Just wanted to say the League was awesome, and just like your tournaments, they are the best ran and most entertaining, both to play in and watch. Sadly I’m out for the summer, but I can’t wait until next summer! You, by far, run the best show in the area, from DC down to SC. Thank you.

– Chris Unger


Chris, Thanks for all your time and a great beach volleyball season! I appreciate all the tournament opportunities and league.

– Kelly Scharver


Thanks for providing us with the resurrection of volleyball in the region.



Thanks for everything you do for our state and our great city of Virginia Beach.



I am so proud of you! You have really made V2 a huge success.

– Angela Courtney


Strong work man. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait for the day when I can stop going to the “other place” to play.

– Mr. Brown


Thanks for the kind words and good advice Chris!!

And thanks for all your help. We will definitely see you on the beach in one or more leagues for adults, and Ashley and her friends in the Beach Club!!

– Margaret M. B. Burgess



Thanks for all the pictures. We will post these on our website.

Glad Lauren was able to take good care of you that day. We hope you enjoyed being there. Thanks again for everything you did to make our participants happy. I have heard great feedback so far! Much better than the past few years. We hope you will want to help out again next year. Hopefully everyone will spread the word and we will have more teams participate next year.

– Renee Mixon


Chris… By the way your league is awesome! It is so well organized and above all FUN! You have really found your niche in life..You are awesome at people and marketing. Congratulations.. Good for YOU!



Hey Chris, Thanks for all the dollars and tickets this past weekend. We had a blast and got to talk to all the players up close because the weather was bad and the crowd was really down for the event. See me on Versus. I am sitting in the first row end line. Got to meet Sinjin Smith, Dain Blanton, Todd Rodgers, and Jake Gibb and Casey Jennings just walked up to me and Morris and just started chatting it up like they knew us. We will be down this weekend.

-Chris Hairston


On behalf of the Board of Directors of Oceanview Beach Volleyball (Ken & I) we would like to congratulate Chris and the job he has done promoting the game of beach volleyball. He mentions “7 years ago we had 35 members”, well, I remember 12 years ago when he was a starving kid working deals to cover the hundreds of dollars to play A-league volleyball at 10:30 at night in an unheated warehouse. That is when he realized that there must be a better way. Today he is still a starving kid and still working deals, but he has changed the face of volleyball in Virginia. Thanks for all you do for the sport of volleyball and, if we thought you could still hang, we would invite you back to Westside.



Now that I have lived down in Florida for a better half of a year, I have played in numerous tournaments along the Gulf Coast. I have never played for an organization run as smoothly as your own. Thanks for all your hard work the past decade and I wish you the best of luck in the future. Whenever you want to run a tournament down this way, please let me know, haha.

-Austin Lanteigne


Hey Chris, I get the updates on what V2 has been doing with the new facility and the surrounding VA Beach area and think it’s all amazing (plus I like playing at V2 more than *** across the board…better people, better ran, better volleyball!)

Thanks for your time,

-Steve Sherba

Mens Volleyball Club @ VCU – President


VBVBA Members,

Many of you have been asking about beach programs that you can get involved in. VBVBA has worked closely with and supports the cause of Volleyball Virginia. V2 is the largest promoter of beach volleyball in the area and host to the Barefoot Wines and AVP Next Series. They are located at 31st Street and run a 7 week summer league. They keep the cost very affordable (lowest of all beach programs) while ensuring their members have the best experience. Check out their website and feel free to email them with any questions. Get signed up fast (all ages) as they have the largest attendance and fills up quick.




I know yesterday was the first night of league play but I have to tell you it was blast! I love the Sideout scoring at the end (brought back some memories of old school vball when I played back in the day) and I am looking forward to the rest of league play in Coed and doubles.

Thank you again it was a blast!

-John Castro


Great job on the ECSC tournament Chris! Best one I’ve played in ever!



I played in a few tournaments put on by V2 and one by — last summer and really enjoyed them. It seemed the V2 tournaments were better organized, had better turnouts, and had a higher level of competition. I also got the impression that V2 actively tries to prevent sandbagging: I think I recall you wouldn’t allow a certain player to play in the W2A division at one of last summer’s tournaments. It turned out a couple weeks later at a — tournament she did play in the W2A division.





I have played at his V2 league for the past 3 summer/fall seasons, and it is run extremely well. I highly encourage all my Wolves to try out Beach Training with the V2 organization. Chris is great with the kids and parents. Feel free to contact him if you should have any questions. Good luck and Go Wolves!!!


-Coach Hilario “Larry” Cortado


Chris is THE main contact in Virginia. He runs the BEST Vb leagues around, treats people right and does an amazing job out there in Virginia!! It would be cool for you to show him some of what you do. I think it would be an great partnership. Chris is great too!!





This is Christine Tran (Emily Shea’s teammate from Mary Washington). I haven’t competed in a beach tournament for the longest time and I just wanted to just tell how you much I enjoyed the tournament that was held this weekend at Virginia Beach. I’m definitely making more plans to play a lot more next summer!

Thanks and hope to see you soon!



Volleyball Virginia is the only legitimate beach volleyball in the region

-Justin Volleyball Insider


Since Volleyball Virginia left ECSC it has become an amateur event run by amateurs”

Chris Volleyball Insider

Everything they (V2) do is AMAZING!!

-Coach Russell


Volleyball Virginia is so good at what they do that * * * should stop offering volleyball altogether.

-Coach David


Thanks for running the best beach league and tournament for beach volleyball in the state.

-Thomas Bragg