• We only play with Yellow and White Wilson AVP Game volleyball.
  • No Open hand serve receive.
  • No Open hand receiving of a cut or roll shot even if it is received clean.
  • No Open hand/finger action dinks. The ball must be knuckled or struck.
  • Do NOT adjust the nets. If you need a net adjustment please find a staff member and they will gladly adjust the net for you.
  • All protest should be made before another point is played. If you play another point then there is no protest.
  • Only ONE time out per game unless you are playing to 30 then there is a mandatory timeout when one team reaches 20.
  • Kicking the ball/hanging on the net is an automatic yellow card with loss of point. Second infraction is an ejection
  • If there is more than one contact on a side in a coed match then one of those contacts must be by a female.
  • Any touching of the net during play is a fault.
  • Rally score until game point. Once game point is reached scoring goes to SIDEOUT for BOTH teams (not just the team in the lead) for the remainder of the game.
  • You can lift, carry, throw any hard driven ball in the downward trajectory. It is called a spike. Get it up however you can.

Tournament Specific Rules

  • For B/BB, players may NOT jump serve or hand set. If you can do either of these well you should be playing in A.
  • A block is a touch. The player blocking the ball may contact it a second time.
  • Scoreboards stay on the OCEANSIDE of the courts. Please DO NOT move the scoreboards. Do not keep score by color. When the teams switch sides just rotate the scoreboard.
  • You can have subs in coed 4’s events and they can sub in and out at anytime. You cannot play with 3 guys and 1 girl.
  • We do not play games in the dark. You get 3 minutes between matches and there are NO lunch breaks
  • Please keep tents and chairs on the oceanside of the trashcan line so that emergency vehicles have room to drive up and down the beach.

League Specific Rules

  • Coed 6s consists of 3 females and 3 males on the court at one time.  You may play with more females but you can NOT play with 4 or more males on the court at any time
  • Coed 6s Competitive Division may only sub guy for guy/girl for girl with the same two players subbing for each other the entire game.  Coed 6s Rec may sub any player for any other player as long as there are no more than 3 guys on the court at one time.
  • Coed 4s consists of 2 females and 2 males on the court at one time.  You may play with more females but you can NOT play with 3 or more males on the court at any time.
  • Coed 2s is just what it says.  You can NOT play coed 2s with either 2 males or 2 females at any time.
  • You can jump serve and handset in BB levels of league ONLY.  But not in tournaments.
  • There are no age restrictions in the adult leagues.
  • NO males may play in a female division and NO females may play in a male division.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

V2 Participant Code of Conduct

  • Conduct which is inappropriate as determined by comparison to normally accepted behavior. (i.e. lying, stealing, cheating, mishandling of equipment, physical or verbal intimidation of any individual.)
  • Violations will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis.
  • Any violation will result in the team being ejected.
  • If ejected from an event, the ejected team will not receive any prizes!!
  • NOTE: Total disregard for any of the rules above may be subject to a ban.
  • V2 promotes fair and honest play with a fun, competitive environment for all its players. Respect the sport and its players.
  • We do not split prize money between teams. We play all the games.
  • If you forfeit a game, you can not advance in playoffs. We also do not pay out to any team that forfeits a game. This money/prize does not go to another team. It goes back to the company.
  • Mikasa is the official game ball. If you do not have a ball to play with we will provide one in exchange for your ID card. Upon returning the ball you will get your ID back. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS BALL. If it gets lost or stolen you will owe V2 $50.00 no matter what kind of shape the ball was in when it was loaned to you. You will not be allowed to play again until this payment is received. We will add a 10% interest rate on any fee not paid for over a year.