Neptune Festival 2016 (Oct 1-2, 2016)

Well the weather held off and we just missed a Neptune Festival attendance record by only 20 teams.
“I have played over 20 events all over the country this summer and even one at – – – and this Neptune Festival is the only event that had started on time and we did not finish in the dark. Great event.” –Kelly Skyesville Women’s AA Champ from Viera, Md.

Women’s BB
1st Place: Caoilinn McLane (Aldie) and Sylvia Cedeno
2nd Place: Riley “Rye-Rye” Drew (Va. Beach, Va) and Sarah “did you see my dad’s block?” Thompson (Va. Beach, Va.)
3rd Place: Kayla “Princess” Stadler (Va. Beach, Va.) and Michelle Urquhart (Va. Beach, Va.)
4th Place: Emma (pronounced em–MA) Chronister (Williamsburg, Va.) and Catie Shears (Williamsburg, Va.)

Women’s A
1st Place: Sam Julien (Chesapeake, Va.) and Sherri Liang (Suffolk, Va.)
2nd Place: Kendall Phillips (Va. Beach, Va.) and JiJi Lykins (Va. Beach, Va.)
3rd Place: Janet Lawson (Va. Beach, Va.) and Sam Erwin (Va. Beach, Va.)
4th Place: Rachel Garratt (Chesapeake, Va.) and Caroline Jones (Va. Beach, Va.)

Women’s AA
1st Place: Mandy Thompson (Baltimore, Md.) and Kelly Skyesville (Viera, Md.)
2nd Place: Ashley “mophead” Thompson (Va. Beach, Va.) and Kamryn “BOOMstick” Johnson (Moyock, N.C.)
3rd Place: Savannah Siegrist (Davidsonville, Va.) and Madelyn Delmonte (Aldie, Va.)
4th Place: Megan Robert (pronounced Row-bear) Norfolk, Va. and Megan McWhorter (Yorktown, Va.)

Men’s BB
1st Place: Nick Imrich (Va. Beach, Va.) and Chris Imrich (Va. Beach, Va.)
2nd Place: David “i finally made it to an event” Knickerbocker (Chester, Va.) and Jacob “clear as paste” Smith (N. Chesterfield, Va.)
3rd Place: Luis Martinez (New Kent, Va.) and Miguel Martinez (New Kent, Va.)
4th Place: Donnie Keene (Mechanicsville, Va.) and Luke Wagner (Mechanicsville, Va.)

Men’s A
1st Place: Jason Weast (Va. Beach, Va.) and Nick Wehbe (Springfield, Va.)
2nd Place: Bobby Fowler (Va. Beach, Va.) and Cole Bogner (Chesapeake, Va.)
3rd Place: Cory Parker (Bowling Green, Va.) and Jesse Morgan (Bowling Green, Va.)
4th Place: James “bjd” Dukes (Va. Beach, Va.) and David Heleniak (Chesapeake, Va.)

Men’s AA
1st Place: Bryce Sparks (Va. Beach, Va.) and Aaron Chong (Newport News, Va.)
2nd Place: Khoi “where’s your boy?” Nguyen (Chantilly, Va.) and Dylan Petrin (Burke, Va.)
3rd Place: Justin Voeller (Norfolk, Va.) and Jared Voeller (San Antonio, TX)
4th Place: Ryan Brown (Richmond, Va.) and Jordan Tackett (Henrico, Va.)

Coed 4’s
1st Place: Ninja Threat 3 (Jessica “paperclips” Staples, Cody Spruill, Emily Shea, Dylan Petrin)
2nd Place: 2 Legit 2 Hit (Jit Shrestha, Austin Brooks, Tommy Hearn, Kristina Ference)
3rd Place: Greyhounds (Gary Armstrong, MJ Fama, Pam Rosenmeier, Russ Cunningham)
4th Place: Nothing But A “V” Thing (Micki Moran, Joyce Stafford, Ken Mobley, Tim Rosenmeier)

Coed BB
1st Place: Andy Giedlin (Va. Beach, Va.) and Aubrey Giedlin (Va. Beach, Va.)
2nd Place: Jack Deming (Ruckersville, Va.) and Sarah Williams
3rd Place: Joey “grandpa” Elkins (Chesapeake, Va) and Alexis Livingston (Chesapeake, Va.)
4th Place: Sara Khatouri (Springfield, Va.) and Justin Graziani (Springfield, Va.)

Coed A
1st Place: Mike Wakefield (Charlottesville, Va.) and Cindy Eckard (Charlottesville, Va.)
2nd Place: Athena Keene (Mechanicsville, Va.) and Brian “every game we win is an upset” Day (Va. Beach, Va)
3rd Place: Jesse Huth (Washington, D.C.) and Paige Calvert
4th Place: Gene Wade (Va. Beach, Va.) and Lisa Cassidy (Va. Beach, Va.)

Coed AA
1st Place: Melanie “we are gonna win” Hanclich (Arlington, Va.) and Dalton Bunde (Arlington, Va.)
2nd Place: Heather Deming (Ruckersville, Va.) and Kyle Hawk (Richmond, Va.)
3rd Place: Jared Voeller (San Antonio, TX) and Kayleigh Reagan – Smith (Moyock, N.C.)
4th Place: Justin Voeller (Norfolk, Va.) and Natasha Elizabeth (Norfolk, Va.)