RoxVB National Qualifier Series

Registration Information:

  • Location:  33rd St on the Oceanfront, Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Tournament Dates for 2017
    • Apr 29:  U12, U14, U16, U18
    • June 3/4:  Saturday Girls U12, U16 & All boys; Sunday Girls U14, U18
    • July 8/9:   Saturday Girls U12, U16& All boys;  Sunday Girls U14, U18
  • Divisions Offered:
    • Boys Club U12, U14, U16, U18
    • Girls Open U12, U14, U16, U18
  • Teams consist of only 2 players
  • Pre-registration online is required by midnight the Thursday before the scheduled event.  Walk-up registrations will only be taken if space is available
    • Pre-registration – $75/team………..REGISTER
    • Walk-up registration – $85/team
  • National Bids Awarded for each division as follows:
    • <8 teams – 1st place
    • 8 teams – 1st and 2nd place
    • 9-16 teams – 1st, 2nd, 3rd place
    • 17+ teams – 1st,2nd,3rd, 4th place
  • National Championship
    • Lakepoint Beach Complex in Emerson, GA
    • July 27-30, 2017
    • Official Rox Volleyball website


  • Check-in Tent:  Virginia Beach Oceanfront – 33rd St
    • Check-in between 7-7:45am
    • Participant waivers must be turned in at registration.   Waiver  
    • Player, Parents, Coaches should gather at the tents at 7:55am for general announcements, rules and court assignments
  • Tents and umbrellas can only be setup on the east side of the court areas along/behind the trashcan line. Chairs are allowed on west side of the courts next to the boardwalk. Emergency vehicles must be able to drive between the courts and your tents/umbrellas/chairs or you will be asked to relocate your items.
  • Parking Suggestions


  • Pool play followed by double elimination playoffs with divisions under 32 teams. Divisions with more than 32 teams will have a single elimination playoff format
  • 3 team pools will play one rally score game to 30 points against each opponent with sideout being played on game point.
  • 4 team pools will play one rally score game to 21 points against each opponent with sideout being played on game point.
  • All playoff matches will be one rally scored game to 21 with sideout being played on game point.  All games are win by 2.
  • ALL TEAMS make it into the double/single elimination playoff bracket

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Rules
  • Coaches/Parent Guidelines (printable guidelines coming soon)
  • Teams play without outside intervention or assistance of any type.
    • Spectators, including parents, are encouraged to cheer, only. No external assistance is allowed.
    • Coaches, when present, may cheer the exceptional play, but may only instruct during timeouts, court-switches, and between sets.

What to Bring:

  • Sand Socks, water containers, sunscreen
  • Tents, umbrellas, and chairs. There may be beach equipment rental stations located on the beach that rents chairs (~$8-12) and umbrellas (~$15) to the public. There are also many beach shops that sell chairs and umbrellas.

Cooling off:

  • Showers located on the boardwalk at the street access areas
  • If your player goes to the water it is highly recommended that a non-player goes with them. The sudden change in body temperature that can happen after playing in hot weather and then going into the cold ocean can cause severe cramping in the muscles.


  • Many local hotels are pet friendly. Click here for suggestions.
  • Between May and September pets are limited to frolic only on the north end of Virginia Beach above 42nd Street and the south end of Virginia Beach in the Sandbridge area before 10a.m. and after 6p.m. During the summer season, dogs are also allowed on the boardwalk from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. only. Fido must don a leash and human companions are required to clean-up after their furry friend.