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February 25, 2017

Winners of the U14 event today: U14 Boys: Leandro and Connor (En Fuego / Volleyball Virginia) U14 Girls: Riley and Sarah (TRIBE) Thank you to all the out of town club kids and local kids who came out to play today.

February 4, 2017

Winners from today’s Coed doubles tournament. Coed A: Jeff and Sarah Coed BB: Mo and Laura

December 4, 2016

Top Tier talent for the Women’s Queen of the Beach and court side seats were hard to come by. The Best Player in the 757 is not even from the 757 in fact she is from North Carolina. Congrats to the 2016 Queen Of The Beach Kamryn “BOOMSTICK” Johnson. And “Thank You” to all the out of town ladies that made the trip.

December 3, 2016

He won the 2015 King Of The Beach (and 3,000.00 cash purse) and in 2016 he does it again!!!! Congrats to the Back to Back King Of The Beach winner Chris McGarity. Hands down the Best Beach player in the entire 757. Thanks to all the guys who made the trip to compete today.

Neptune Festival 2016 (Oct 1-2, 2016)

NEPTUNE FESTIVAL RESULTS Well the weather held off and we just missed a Neptune Festival attendance record by only 20 teams. “I have played over 20 events all over the country this summer and even one at – – – and this Neptune Festival is the only event that had started on time and we did not finish in the dark. Great event.” –Kelly Skyesville Women’s AA Champ from Viera, Md. Women’s BB 1st Place: Caoilinn McLane (Aldie) and Sylvia Cedeno 2nd Place: Riley “Rye-Rye” Read More +

September 18, 2016

Full house this Sunday with some killer long rallies with spectacular plays, some incredibly bad shots with head scratching “huhs??” and lots and lots of new nicknames were earned. Overall the day was a full on blast. Coed BB 1st Place: Paul Creecy (Va. Beach, Va.) and Jenahhhhhhhhhhhhh Creecy (Va. Beach, Va.) 2nd Place: Johanna Velez (Fredericksburg, Va.) and Ed Velez (Fredericksburg, Va.)… 3rd Place: Steven Reid (Hickory, N.C.) and Heather Unger (Hickory, N.C.) 4th Place: Jackie Hicks (Richmond, Va.) and Tristan Butcher (Williamsburg, Va.) Read More +

September 17, 2016

Another great day with a killer turnout and HISTORY was made in the men’s AA division!!!!!! But first…………. Men’s BB 1st Place: Jaxson Taylor (Va. Beach, Va.) and Mark Johnson (Va. Beach, Va.) 2nd Place: Paul Creecy (Va. Beach, Va.) and Alex Creecy (Va. Beach, Va.) 3rd Place: Steven Reid (Hickory, N.C.) and Ethan Revere (Chesapeake, Va.)… 4th Place: Kris Velazquez (Va. Beach, Va.) and Chris (welcome back we have missed you) Crayton (Suffolk, Va.) Women’s BB 1st Place: Frances Berner (Fredericksburg, Va.) and Johanna Read More +

August 21, 2016

Another really fun day with lots and lots of southend players getting a FREE education on how volleyball tournaments are supposed to run. Coed BB was a stacked division was with a large amount of teams and it was no easy feat getting to the finals in this division. Coed BB: 1st: Greg (Please don’t tell Dana Cardenas i played BB) Farber (Va. Beach, Va.) and Vicci Ford (Va. Beach, Va.)… 2nd: “Grandpa” Joey Elkins (Chesapeake, Va.) and Alexis Livingston (Chesapeake, Va.) 3rd: Madison Vanzyl Read More +

August 20, 2016

What a GREAT DAY!!!!!! The new court set up had everyone oohhing and awwwhhhing. We had top tier men and women playing. We even had a few scores settled (left over from beach league). And we almost had history made by James Dukes and Dylan Petrin (and not in a good way). We would also like to give a BIG shout out to all those parents who came together to make the donation to Volleyball Virginia for our unwavering stance on crime and our willingness Read More +

July 31, 2016

This weekend marked the end of Volleyball Virginia month as it has now become officially known in Va. Beach (formally known as the month of JULY) Well the temps almost hit 100 degrees today and we almost hit 100 team registration for the 2nd weekend in a row. But, to make things even more interesting for this Sunday we added a little thunder and lightning. Some left with FULL refunds while other stuck it out and by noon the sun was back out and brightly Read More +